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However Recent articles have also suggested that it’s very easy to create fake teen accounts on Facebook, so adults can easily impersonate younger users to connect with teen users who use Tinder.The recent news articles also cited the 12 or 13 age rating, most were incredulous how an app like Tinder, designed for connecting with total strangers, could be allowed to be rated 12 on the app store or 13 as it is in the Tinder terms of service.I haven’t been able to find anything online to explain why the age limit for Tinder and other “dating” apps have been changed recently, in fact the Tinder terms of service still has the age restriction listed as 13 .But it may be that the negative publicity around teens using Tinder may have had something to do with the changes across the board.The age restriction for Tinder and other similar apps now set at 17 will help parents a bit more if they enable parental controls on their younger children’s devices to restrict apps rated 17 .But the parental controls are still not that effective, as there are still so many apps on the app store that should be restricted to adults, but are set much lower in age, like “chat with strangers” app “Badoo”, “Scout” and one can touch any part of the body of a child under the age of 16 for a sexual purpose.

It was previously 12 it has now been increased to 17 as have many other “Dating” apps on the i Tunes store recently.On doing a search for other well known dating apps on the i Tunes apps store for this story, I notice that many of them Age Restrictions On i Tunes The age restrictions on i Tunes are inconsistent to say the least, and usually set by the app developers and not by Apple.Apple will sometimes insist that an app requires an adult age restriction, as they have done in the past, with video sharing app “Vine” which was also rated 12 originally, and now is 17 due to the amount of adult content within is against the law for anyone to engage in sexual activity with an animal, including making a child do this or doing this in front of a child.The penalties for these offences vary up to a maximum of 10 years imprisonment; and, It is against the law for a Canadian to travel outside of Canada and engage in any sexual activity with a young person that is against the law in Canada.

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