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At Facebook, Van Natta had been chief operating officer until an executive reshuffling last summer placed him into his present role.

He had been at Facebook since September 2005, long before its meteoric rise in popularity last year.

On Thursday, the standards organization voted on whether to certify the specifications as Ecma standards and whether to submit them to ISO for consideration as ISO standards. However, IBM representatives vote against the submission, said Bob Sutor, IBM's vice president of standards and open source .

"It is an example of a real open standard versus a vendor-dictated spec that documents proprietary products via XML.

As to the source, Nazario said that "almost all of the attacks are broadly and globally sourced.

One attack appears to be very narrowly focused, possibly someone with some basic ping flood scripts." He said the exact tools being used had not been determined.

Facebook released a statement to the press on Tuesday: "Over the next few weeks, Owen Van Natta will be transitioning out of his role at Facebook to pursue other opportunities," the comment read.

"As Chief Revenue Officer and previously Chief Operating Officer, he has been instrumental in building out the core infrastructure of the company and has been key to building Facebook's Microsoft relationship.

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The 38-year-old Van Natta had been one of the most visible "adults" on Facebook's young team, having been's vice president of worldwide business and corporate development after founding its A9search site, and was likely looking to take the helm at the Palo Alto, Calif.-based site.He cited previous attacks on Kosovo, during its civil war in the late 1990s; Israel-Pakistan hacking peaked in the fall of 2000; and the 2002 winter Olympics, when a South Korean speed skater was ejected from a competition.More recently, he said, there were attacks on the Ukraine in the fall of 2007; Chinese national attacks on in April 2008; and attacks upon the Democratic voice of Burma in July.The researchers collected just one specimen in a recent five-day expedition.Finding new families of living vertebrates is rare.

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