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What’s more, we import your data every 24 hours to automatically update payments that are due and paid (you can also run a manual import whenever you want) meaning as long as Float is connected to Quick Books, your forecast is always up to date.

Float’s integration with Quick Books Online means you’ll have an accurate up-to-date forecast in minutes.

The exclusive ‘Bespoke’ service of Albini Group offers the best tailors and shirt-makers a vast selection of fabrics to choose from, and which can be delivered in 24/48 hours of the request, thanks to a speedy and punctual service.

Instantly see if you're headed for the red using our cash manager. Model these scenarios to give your company time to prepare, plan or change direction.

The different creative themes and moods of the collection, always inspired by diverse styles, interprets seasonal trends, enhancing the distinctive features of each brand and creating fabrics that inspire fashion houses, retailers and specialized shirt-makers.

Albini Group believes in the importance of providing its customers with great style and quality of Made in Italy, together with a reliable, timely and flexible delivery service.

Since there exist other Funds that are not serviced by either KARVY or CAMS or FTAMIL or SBFS, this will not be an industry consolidation, but it will certainly be a massive step forward for investors.

If you have registered an email address in your folios across Funds serviced by KARVY, CAMS, FTAMIL and SBFS, you can use this to obtain a consolidated PDF Account Statement at your registered email address.

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