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You would be shocked at the power of thinking." The more positive self-talk you treat yourself to, the more confident you'll feel — and there's nothing hotter than that.Remember how exciting a make-out session was when you were 15?Squeeze in a quickie, which adds variety and an element of surprise to your sex life, says Blakeway."If you're not having sex because by the time you fall into bed at night, you're totally exhausted, then perhaps it's time to figure out if you can manage a lunchtime rendezvous now and then, or experiment with setting the alarm back a little for some morning action," she says, "Make whatever arrangements necessary for your kids to make sure your time is undisturbed." Consider it one more reason for bedroom door locks and firm, early bedtimes.When you get under the covers, let him know that you're in charge by challenging him not to make a move on you until you tell him it's time.After a long day of decision-making, he'll love being able to sit back, relax, and enjoy what you have in store for him — whatever that may be. Ask him what he's in the mood for, and enthusiastically obey his every demand, within reason. We don't claim to be Jane Austen when it comes to eloquently writing our feelings, but you need not be a wordsmith to pen a heartfelt note expressing your love."It's no coincidence that couples often become less passionate and lose vibrancy around the same time." Steamy smooching that Give him a break from planning duty, and email him a few days beforehand with a well-thought-out idea for your outing.Whether it's a play you've both been wanting to see, a new restaurant, or tickets to a sporting event he's into, he'll be grateful you took the initiative.

Gratis Sex Film, Kostenlose Pornofilme, Amateur Sex Filme und Deutsche Gratis Porno Clips auf Oh Sex Film!And next time, he'll be motivated to do the same for you.There are few things more relaxing and stress-busting than a soak in the tub, so next time he's having a rough week, prepare a hot bubble bath with scented candles, and have it waiting for him after work.By matching your inhalations and exhalations, you and your partner will also sync up your rhythms, strengthening your physical and emotional connection in that moment."I'm a huge fan of mantras that make you feel empowered," says Rachel De Alto, a flirting and communications expert and CEO of Flip Me Flirting Cards."A daily affirmation, even just, 'I am sexy,' is a great start to getting in the mood.

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