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One way to make sure your needs are met is to request a weekly one-on-one meeting, when you can rattle off the items on your punch list, get answers—and look proactive. And the effect of a manager who loves assigning stuff due “yesterday” is a staff that can no longer tell what’s truly urgent—and will act as such.

How to manage her: If you can get one step ahead of her tizzies, you’ll go far. Maybe she always freaks at the end of the month when earnings are posted, or before a weekly meeting with demanding manager.

It’s a catch-22 for employees who have to nag managers about overdue projects: They don’t want to point out a superior’s oversight, but they also don’t want to get blamed if anything falls through the cracks.Try: “I’d really like to help make your job easier.Can you tell me how I’m doing that well—and how I could do it better?A good boss will explain why you didn’t meet expectations, as well as the changes she’d like to see next time. When you get an assignment, ask: “So what I’m hearing you want me to do is …?But then there’s the other breed: The manager who puts down your work … ” and be sure you’re clear on the instructions before you start.

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