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The silicone glass, or as they are popularly called "crystal" bowls produce what is scientifically called a pure sine tone.Basically, this is one pure, and in the case of the crystal bowls, intense tone as opposed to the complex interweaving of three sets of double tones, rich in harmonics and microtones which are produced by the Tibetan singing bowls.Shakti draws from the same sources in the Himalayas as Bodhisattva has since the company was founded 1996, which include families that have been purveyors of singing bowls for four generations.

They can usually be identified by their highly polished finish, though some are oxidized with a dark finish (a fake patina to appear old) and some also have either etched or bright gold design motifs.

Therefore, our Himalayan collectors and consolidators are always happy to put aside the top pieces for us.

After we have skimmed off the cream of the crop, the pick of the litter, the remaining bowls are then offered to other buyers.

This is the bowl, or bowls, you should choose for your meditation and healing work as they are the ones in harmony with you.

Follow the process mentioned above, keeping the person who will receive the gift in your mind/consciousness, or simply give them one of our Gift Certificates.

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