Daily beast app not updating

And if you release great free updates, people are happy.So in 2014, I decided to mostly work on updates, and work on a new app and fun side projects when I’ve got the time (I also decided to work a little bit less after 4 years of hard work to have more family time).But last year (2015) is the first year revenues were down (in $ and numbers of apps sold, not in Euros thanks to the fall of the Euro since the US is my main market ! In 2014, I also did only updates but the apps I released end of 2013, Writing Wizard and Cursive Writing Wizard, were (and still are) pretty successful and I did have nice features on the App Store.From 2010 until 2014, I released one app a year and each year I did between 3 to 5 major updates some localizations.The new app could be free (for cross-marketing and visibility) or much cheaper than the existing app.

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Less updates is of course a solution but honestly I love releasing updates and make my product better and better !

Anyhow, that’s my plan this year — I released some great updates since 6 months (a big one for Montessori Numbers is coming very soon) and I want to concentrate on my new app. But I won’t stop doing updates because it would be silly to lose the reputation I’ve made so far, and stop being among the best apps in my category, but I may try to externalize new features for free to enhance the visibility of my brand, or create a new app when the new features are really strong.

All apps must be updated if you don’t want to be distanced by the competition…and please your users.(EDIT) PS: I didn’t talk about App Store optimization which requires updates to optimize your app and marketing materials (icon, screenshots,keywords).

The issue I’ve got is simple, I’ve got too much apps to update, and I don’t have enough time to do updates and create new apps.

A good update is taking me at least 2 months if you include marketing, videos, screenshots, localization, new resolutions to handle, etc.

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