Compensated dating in the us

In an interview with CNN, a 19-year-old former “compensated dater” talks about how she began going on “compensated dates” after seeing the designer clothing and accessories her classmates had bought with money earned on “dates.” Before her so-called “dates,” she established the price she charged and the number of times she would have sex with the man.

“I thought this was easy money, and that’s why I continued doing this kind of thing,” she said.

It’s a sad day when girls are willing to throw themselves away for a Coach bag, Gucci glasses, or as we’ve just read about, a new cell phone.

Pocket money given by their parents are not enough to support their spending; therefore, Hong Kong girls choose to attend compensated dating which consider to be an excellent and easy way to make money.

Taken the Standards' News in 2010 as example, the survey is conducted by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, polled 1,110 children in primary Five to Secondary Three.

They think compensated dating to be a casual job which is lack of restriction and can be quitted at anytime.

Third, internet is very well-developed in Hong Kong society.

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