Channel 4 disabled dating

Those involved have benefited, it has given others in similar circumstances the confidence to look for love, and it has made society realise that we all have basic human needs and desires, and the right to pursue them.

Who knows if Channel 4 will commission another series of the popular show.

For one reason or another, there remains a section of society that has never encountered anyone with a disability.

I think is great way to introduce this concept to such individuals.

Channel 4 are set to push the boundaries of what viewers can swallow with a brand new dating show featuring naked contestants.Following their appearances, all have reported a positive experience, even those who did not find love as a direct result of the show.Tammy from series 5 says, “I put myself forward for .But to conclude that this is a form of ‘inspiration porn’ is in my opinion, vastly overstretching the mark.I take issue with the term ‘inspiration porn’, particularly in relation to .

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