Alpha female dating

Men love it when a woman takes the time to initiate. She’ll negotiate the best deals, has the network to get access to exclusive venues and she won’t wait for “bae” to contact the airline when the flight has been cancelled.

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While this is amazing for the progress of Black women, the alpha woman inside her makes finding love challenging.

Many of the men I talk to still desire to be the protectors and providers of their families.

Alpha women who are use to being the bosses in their own worlds, sometimes find it challenging to be vulnerable in their relationships and allow men to play the roles of protector and provider.

This creates a dilemma whereby most of these alpha females fail to separate the leading role they have at work, from their role in a relationship with an unbalanced alpha male.

A balanced alpha male, however, will have great success with an alpha female because he is able to to meet her spiritual, intellectual and emotional needs, unlike an unbalance alpha male that excels in one area at the expense of another.

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